Samsung's Marketing Strategies

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In the previous eighteen months, Samsung, an organization that makes everything from dishwashers to cell phones, has gotten to be one the most capable and noticeable names in tech. Many people are nevertheless grouping Samsung together with Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google as a standout amongst the most essential tech organizations at this moment. So how did Samsung get to where it is today?
Samsung was established by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 as an exchanging organization.
From the beginnings of a small trading company, Samsung has evolved to a world-class corporation with businesses that span advance technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemical, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels and more. Their
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Its profit started to decline, the new products were not gaining customer’s attention as apple was in the picture along with other smartphone companies which are better compared to Samsung smartphones. Therefore, In order to increase sales again, the market leader needs to employ thoroughly thought-out marketing techniques. The following investigation provides suggestions on how to utilise and put into operation new strategies to boost sales and gain customers brand loyalty. An in-depth marketing plan using the “7Ps” will be considered with the secondary…show more content…
Ansoff’s Matrix is an analytical tool that helps mangers to choose and devise various product and market growth strategies.


Low High

existing market penetration product development

market new market development diversification

This is a low risking growth strategy as businesses choose to focus on selling existing products in existing market like for Samsung to increase market share of galaxy s6, Samsung can achieve this by improving advertisement to enhance the desirability of the product in addition to attract more customers.

It’s a medium risk growth strategy that involves selling existing products in new markets. Samsung can establish its product galaxy s6 to new customers. Samsung can do this by new distribution channels as selling the products overseas to their new customers. Moreover, prices could also be changed and attract different market segments. This could a key advantage for Samsung as this growth strategy is that the firm is familiar with the product being

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