Samsung's Marketing Strategy: The Strategic Strategies Of Samsung

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From small business in Korea to huge organization in all over the world ; Samsung have a strong brand in electronics companies, and operates in 65 countries with 157,000 staff working for the company.
Samsung have a top quality and process with innovations products and recognized in the wild world , the main goals in Samsung 's during the past years and all in future expected reviewing how to improving the products line and reach , how to gain the revenue and market share and how to work to achieve the missions of making life better for consumers around the world.
Samsung adapt and implementation innovation products and address the factor key to success in development in electronic market , Samsung achieved the competitive advantages through three forces promotions , organization and internal motivations these three forces gave Samsung a strength positions in market and supports the competition advantages.
In additions the business-level strategies in Samsung help to achieved a competitive advantage through difference tactics as the following :
Samsung work hardly and have an experience to have a products differentiation during the lifetime beside the low cost , in 2010 the strategy focused on cost efficiency and put the dramatic changes through marketing functions to pursing product differentiation and selective target market vs. Niche play , beside all of that reasons Samsung have a unique ecosystem and has successfully spread its product line .


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