Samuel Adams A Great Man Essay

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Adams, a Great Man! Before taking this class I had only every studied history in high school, and like most I had a vague idea of the events that had passed. After ready thru the units and the other reading assignments my perception of the past has changed greatly. At first I had a hard time trying to find a figure of great importance on which to write my assignment on, but once I read of Samuel Adams and the unbelievably great things he did for this country my choice had been made for me. He was a great man and a true patriot. He would be a key figure in the starting of the revolutionary war and an asset to the U.S. even after the war. He was a pathfinder of his generation and great leader of men, inspiring not only his state but many others to follow him in his rebellions and eventually the war. I had never…show more content…
Social media can spread a story life wild fire and take it all over the world. In Adams time thing were drastically different, Information took much longer to be passed and most information was censored. The creation of the committee of correspondence would become a powerfully tool of the colonies. Samuel Adams himself would be the founder of the first committee of correspondence in Boston the fall of 1772. I myself, tend to steer clear of social media and even certain new cast, but I imagine in those time people did not have many options. They look to the news from these committees to know what was going on in the country. I believe that by doing this Samuel Adams became a key figure in the war to come and would even go as far as to say played a large hand in the winning of the war. In any conflict I believe information is key to a battel, these committees set up by Adams spread inland and carried the words of the patriots to towns all over the state. The American colonies would greatly use this resource during the war against the
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