Samuel Adams: A Revolutionary, Son Of Liberty, And Founding Father

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Samuel Adams: A Revolutionary Samuel Adams was a great revolutionary, Son of Liberty, and Founding Father. Samuel Adams was one of the pivotal Revolutionary War leaders, who played a crucial role in the American struggle for independence from Great Britain. Although Samuel Adams came from an already somewhat political family, between college and growing British provocation, Samuel Adams developed into the strong patriot we celebrate today. Samuel Adams’ father, Deacon Samuel Adams was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He made a good living off of his brewery business. Deacon Adams was not only an involved Puritan, he was also a justice of peace and very active in local politics. He had a political club with his friend Elisha Cooke who was an intense politician. The club was called the Caucus club. In the Caucus club the members voted on local political problems. Soon the club was the beginning of a political party called the popular party or soon known as the Whig party. Many men like Elisha Cooke would come to Deacon Adams’ house and complain about the governor and finances. Samuel Adams was born on September 27, 1722, in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents were Deacon Samuel Adams and Mary Adams, who were religious Puritans. Sam was one…show more content…
He was the first in his family to attend Harvard. Back then the men who attended Harvard were ranked on the social status of their father. Samuel was ranked sixth because Deacon Adams was a justice of peace, he paid Samuel’s tuition with flour. In Harvard Samuel continued his learning of Greek and Latin texts. His parents wanted him to one day join the church as a minister so he also studied Hebrew to prepare for it. He graduated in 1740 and received his master’s degree in 1743 . After University, he opened a business with a £1000 loan that he got from his father, but he was not successful and he was soon out of money. He then worked for his father as a malt
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