Samuel Adams Contributions To American Revolution

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From the beginning of the pre-revolutionary period, there was one American patriot and politician who contributed in various ways to the American Revolution; he was Samuel Adams. “Samuel Adams was an American patriot and politician who stirred opposition to British rule in the American colonies” (Adams Samuel 44). Samuel Adams lived from 1722 to 1803, spending numerous years of his life playing a great role in the Revolution, starting in the year 1765. In the years 1770 to 1773, Adams and the Committees of Correspondence notably contributed to the Revolution by protesting the Stamp Act, thus leading to them opposing several laws passed by the British. Samuel Adams is a great example of a patriot who contributed greatly to the American Revolution. Samuel Adams was mildly interested in becoming a businessman and to his benefit was not successful. Adams had always been…show more content…
Adams contributions were more than protesting the acts, though. In 1772 he wrote the Declaration of colonial rights. This declaration was a response to the British parliament because they had passed the Intolerable Acts .He also signed the Declaration of Independence at the second continental meeting. At the meeting, he wrote the Articles of Confederation. Adams Samuel also formed the Committees of Correspondence in 1773. It had been organized by the Patriots and acted as a government for emergency only for the colonists. Samuel Adams was not the only one to contribute to the revolution. Beginning before the revolution, Committees of Correspondences were formed. However, the Committees of Correspondence he formed also made contributions. The organization rallied against the British and established a political union in the thirteen colonies. The committee urged for colonies to write to each other and to unite their opposition of the British. As the colonies shared ideas between each other, a sense of solidarity was
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