Samuel Adams Revolutionary War Essay

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Samuel Adams Rough Draft Samuel Adams had a big impact on what lead up to the Revolutionary war. In this paper I will tell you about Samuel Adams early life, the Sons of Liberty, and everything that he was involved in to lead up to the revolutionary war. Samuel Adams early life had a big impact on who he was in the future. Both of Samuel’s parents were very religious. They were strict Puritans. His mother, Mary Adams, even supported the narrow Calvinist movement. Samuel’s father was a deacon of a Congregational a politician and a businessman. In a result to his parents being so religious, they wanted Samuel to be a minister in the church, but he was not interested in being a minister, he was interested in politics. Samuel was born into a very wealthy family, therefore he got the best education one could get. He first attended the Boston Latin school, where he learned Latin and Greek. Once he graduated from that school he moved on and went to Harvard College. He received his master’s degree seven years later. The Sons of Liberty first started by men in the…show more content…
He was involved in many organizations. Some of the groups he was involved in were: the Committee of Correspondence, the Sons of Liberty, the refusal of the Tea Act, and following all of that he worked and helped with the establishment of the Continental Congress. The Committee of Correspondence was first established by Samuel Adams and twenty one other men. Samuel Adams did many things in the Son’s of Liberty. In the refusal of the Tea Act, Samuel Adams played an important role. He was the one to get 60 men who were against the Sons of Liberty to dump the Tea into the Boston Harbor. Samuel Adams first proposed the Continental Congress. He proposed this idea because he wanted Britain to be independent. In 1776 as he was representing peers, he signed the Declaration of Independence. With all of this said, he had a big impact on what lead up to the Revolutionary
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