Samuel Butler Rhetorical Devices

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Samuel Butler views and describes it in a very complex way. He describes life to be the a conscious one then an unconscientious one. He describes the possibilities of life being short as we wait to die to live, and that the idea can be ridiculous. He shows that life can be and amazing and unique thing in its own way to everyone. He is able to effectively demonstrate his attitude towards life by using strategies like metaphors,similes, imagery, and in his use of diction and syntax. “Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.” Here Butler is comparing life to a how one learns an instrument. As you play the instrument more and more the better you become, such as in life the more you experience out of life the wiser you’ll become. “Which is the truer life of Shakespeare, Handel, that divine woman who wrote the “Odyssey,””Here he is comparing the…show more content…
This is simple to picture allowing us to better understand what he is saying. This means that like money, even if you die for some the life you lived will continue to grow do to the impacts you made and to the ones that were inspired by your story. This is once again showing that Butler is thinking deeper on the matter, show his interest and now having his full attention. “I seem to hear someone say that this is a mockery, a piece of special pleading, a giving of stones to those that ask for bread.” Butler chooses to structure his sentences not simple, but in a way that helps to expand his ideas. The structure allows for a better flow of ideas to which he inserts words that further deepen his understanding and ours, and shows us his true attitude towards the subject of
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