Samuel F. B Morse Research Paper

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Samuel F.B Morse is an American painter and inventor. He was born on April 27, 1791 by Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese and Jedidiah Morse in (Charlestown) Boston, Massachusetts. His parents called him “Finley”. He was from the United States; he had two wives Elizabeth Griswold and Lucretia Walker. He also had seven children, Susan, Samuel, Charles, Cornelia, William, Edward, and James Morse.
When he was a child “he changed his moods quicker than his other two brothers” moody. Sidney and Richard were not as moody as Samuel. He was great at drawing and wanted to work doing art as a living, but his father did not want him to do that. So Samuel accepted a job as a clerk in a bookstore but he never stopped painting. Soon his father Jedidiah changed
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