Samuel Johnson's 'The Giver, And Harrison Bergeron'

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Have you ever felt the urge to want to become someone your not? Or have you been forced to act or dress a certain way that you did not like? Well if you have felt this way then you know how it feels. In the Giver it lets people express their personalities physically and Emotionally. But in the Harrison Bergeron short story, you can’t express anything at all, and you are forced to do more things. The Giver is more accepting than the Harrison Bergeron story.Samuel Johnson 's quote is trying to say that equality is not as good as it seems because no one gets to express themselves, which is seen in The Giver and in Harrison Bergeron. In The Giver, it shows equality is not such a good thing because some people have to keep following all the rules in order to stay all the “Same.”In the giver, the community shows not liking differences or mistakes, for example, if a baby was weak and cried too much then it would be “Released” also known as the word kill. Since they want everything in their community to have no problems they try everything they can to have everything just right not to much no less but just right. They want this because of the problems are a big issue and need to be fixed. They are also very strict because they choose a spouse for you and they give a baby to you; you cannot choose the baby or your husband/wife.“That was before we went to sameness” (Lois Lowry 94).In the quote “That was before we went to sameness” it basically explains that in The
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