Samuel Paris In The Crucible

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller took place in Salem, Massachusetts of the year 1692, a series of witchcraft trials began which created chaos within the community. Abigail and her followers began the rumors of witchcraft leading to her uncle, Reverend Paris, to defend her. Which he then gained trust from Danforth who was the head of the judges. Reverend Paris has multiple altercations with John Proctor and Giles Corey, both farmers. Samuel Paris shows himself to be a naive, vain and religious man throughout the play as the accused were being executed. To begin, Reverend Paris portrays himself as a vain man because he thinks that he is better than others that are lower than him. In the beginning of the play, there is a conversation between Giles Corey, John Proctor and Reverend Paris in which Paris was asking where his firewood was. Giles…show more content…
Paris defended his niece Abigail from the beginning because he believe that she was telling the truth always. Never did it cross his mind that she would betray him and all he has done for her. Abigail ran away with another servant, Mercy Lewis, as witchcraft trials got overhand. Paris told Danforth on page 126, "Excellency, I think they be aboard a ship. My daughter tells me how she heard them speaking of ships last week, and tonight I discover my---my strongbox is broke into." Danforth tells Paris, "Mr.Paris, you are a brainless man!" Reverend Paris never expected his niece to runaway and at that steal from him. He was blinded and too ignorant to see the truth of Abigail leading to him being naive. Overall, as The Crucible ended Paris changed once the truth came out. Reverend Paris was a man who began to feel guilty yet refused to ruin his reputation. These witchcraft trials in Salem, Massachusetts brought out many different colors in the people including Reverend Samuel Paris; a vain, naive and religious man in The
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