Samuel Simpson Research Paper

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Samuel Simpson is pronounced with edema in his right leg and foot. There is swelling and inflammation in his right leg and foot. He also showed signs of past bacterial infections which can easily lead to edema. He was born in Tanzania where is has a vast majority of wildlife. With research about Tanzania, it shows that there is not a very high population and the average person was not expected to live past 61 years old. Samuels’s system that is being attacked is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system deals with fluid leaked from the blood. A test that can be done in order to make a conclusive diagnosis is documentation of microfilariae produced by a blood smear by microscopic examination. The microfilariae that occur in lymphatic filariasis appear in the blood during the night hours. The collecting of blood should be done during these hours so occur with the presence of the microfilariae. Samuel took a blood test during the day and the parasites would be detected during the night. The doctor took the blood tests at the wrong time of the day.…show more content…
This filariasis is also known as elephantiasis which is a parasitic infection. Tanzania is one of the top ten counties to have this disease effecting 80% of the population. This disease can be transmitted by mosquitoes. Also can be caused by thread- like worms that live in the human lymph system. The mosquitoes transfer there larva into the skin where they can travel to the lymphatic vessels where there lifespan can be up to six years without symptoms. This is how Samuel was able to travel to the United States and have no signs of this disease. The mosquitoes can carry this disease from one person to another. Samuel noticed that there was swelling in his leg and
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