Samuel Taylor's Use Of Supernatural Elements And Nature, By Samuel Coleridge

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THE RIME OF ANCIENT MARINER is a longest major poem by Samuel Taylor
Coleridge published in 1798. Samuel Taylor was a English poet, literary critic and philosopher who also contributed as a founder of romantic movement. In his poems we can see how nature plays important role in displaying romantic thoughts of poet. In this poem the poet has shown his romantic side for nature in different ways. Romanticism does not only refer to romantic love story between two individual, it is also related to nature or any other thing in world. Coleridge in this poem has tried to show how nature is very much involved in an individual’s life. In romantic literature emotions had played great role as well, further in this poem we see how emotions are given great importance by the poet. We can see a different relationship between human and nature in this poem. The other aspect of the poem show us the image of supernatural elements in poem.
This poem provide us with some great superstitious beliefs, further in this
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