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Meanwhile, Vimes is perhaps the more well-rounded character, the 'true ' voice of the narration, and the only character that possesses any trait that tie him to the detective genre. His very introduction is very reminiscent to the ones often found in American noir stories. He is first presented in a sort of drunken monologue as he compares the City to a woman, rotten to the core yet larger than life to the point that even after constant betrayls one can help but lose oneself in her. This is a very common theme in the characterization of the gritty detective of noir fiction, and entire scenes are devoted to draw paralles with characters such as Bogart and Dirty Harry. Samuel Vimes is a cynical man, disillusioned to the point of having fallen into alcholism to combat depression, and yet still deeply loyal to the city and to his duty as an officer of the Law. This is particularly shown when he firstly confronts Wonse after having lost his position in the Watch and solved the case by uncovering Wonse 's part in the arrival of the dragon. As Wonse tries to plead and bribe his way out, Vimes says: However, as Dannel notes in his bachelor degree thesis “Postmodern Parody In the Discworld…show more content…
Anyone seems to have an idea of what could be defined 'humorous ', and the ability to appreciate this trait and engage into it is a commended quality in human behaviour that seems to be more or less intuitively grasped. However, any attempt to analyse and define the essence of humour has encountered numerous problems. As Attardo notes in his Linguistic Theories of Humor, theorists have always found difficult to reach an unanimous and general definition of humour, as well as one for the internal subdivision of the subject (e.g. 'humour ' vs 'comic ' vs 'ridiculous '), to the point that a claim that humour could be indefinable has been advanced more than one

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