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1.) Samuel May was a “jack of all trades” in his time which was from 1783 to 1851. As the document states he was “a carpenter, surveyor, contractor, ferryman, innkeeper, farmer, justice of the peace, gold prospector, and politician.” As you can see there wasn’t much that Samuel couldn’t do. Samuel May was the second son of Sarah and John May and was born in Virginia. Before coming to Shelby creek Samuel’s parents traveled to Roane’s Creek located in Carter County. They sold their farm in the spring of 1800 and started their extensive trip through Pound Gap to Shelby Creek. After reaching Shelby Creek the May family created a farm where Samuel spent around three years, most likely helping his Father John tend to the many tasks present on a…show more content…
Samuel hunted and trapped animals to support himself during this time but soon he found work as a carpenter. He obtained a contract with Floyd County to build the counties first whipping post, stocks, stray pen and pillory. Samuel married Catherine Evans who was from Virginia in 1808. As time progressed and Samuel got more involved in contracts and jobs in the county he was granted a ferry license for a ferry across the Big Sandy in 1814. Samuel went on to complete many things in his life such as building the May house in 1817, which was definitely not built to be a private house but, more of a house for the community. There were many crops outside the house along with animal pens. During the financial panic Samuel sold land along with his slaves to maintain strength financially. From 1809 to 1833 Samuel’s wife Catherine “bore him six sons and eight daughters” according to the story. Samuels’s sons mainly helped him with the work needed outside such as the farm and their daughters helped Catherine with the chores inside. After their children matured they scattered in all directions from the…show more content…
The first thing is the westward movement. Around 1803 the Louisiana Purchase occurred. After this purchase many Americans traveled to the new land to gain land and be successful. However, the journey to the land wasn’t a piece of cake. These people who chose to move West ran into many obstacles such as, animals dying, becoming lost and even death. This compares to the Samuel family because they also had to make a long journey to Prestonsburg through Pound Gap and I can imagine how brutal the trip was for them. To support yourself in Floyd County at this time you had to hunt or trap animals, so you could trade or sell pelts, furs and other things to gain money. And while building your cabin you would stay in a cavern. Everyone wanted land so they could sell it or start a farm and try to become prosperous. This exactly what Samuel done during this time, he wanted a farm to become wealthy. There was also many economic problems, both local and national during this time. When the depression of 1819 occurred it had an effect on people national and locally. This was a time when all the banks basically went bankrupt and as a result the people ran to get their money from the banks. After this the banks wanted immediate repayment from the people. This crippled many people and families financially because they had no way to repay the banks if they didn’t have land or multiple

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