Samurai Vs. Knight: Differences Or Similarities?

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Samurai vs. Knight

Slash! Cling! Oww! The battle was over… the knight was down and the saumurai stood victorious.Many argue between the knights and samurai differences and similarities. The differences of the two create one to have an overpowering advantage in battles. While knights and samurai have many similarities,in a one on one battle, the advantage would be to the samurai and this can be seen in each of their training, weapons and armor, and their codes of honor. To start off the first way samurais have an advantage iis in their weapon and armor. In document D written by the DBQ project it states, “... knights began to wear complete suits of plate armor… armor could weigh 40 to 60 pounds.” This supports how the knights would be slower because of all of their weight from their armor. When running they would be slower and much
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IN document E written by Sir Thomas Malory it states, “ … give mercy to those asking it… helpful to ladies… no wrongful quarrel for worldly gain, upon pain of death or forfeiture…” The code of honor involves no suicide missions, meaning they wouldn’t fight for their country knowing the death risk is high. The knights were less devoted to their codes of honor, although many followed it they weren’t punished and as shamed as the samurai would be for dishonoring their loyal code. Another piece of evidence that supports the claim is in Document E written by Yamaga Soko it explains,” … discharging loyal service… devoting himself to duty above all… stands in physical readiness for any call to service…” For the samurai they were completely devoted to the code and had to be ready no matter the circumstance to fight. The code of Bushido allowed a samurai to go on suicide missions and was believed to be an honorable death. Since the code was very honorable and every samurai was supposed to follow it, some didn’t and would face penalties for their dishonorable
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