Samurai Warrior Research Paper

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Day 1, 1147 CE, I was now on the way to becoming a warrior. Today I was becoming a samurai instead of a normal Japanese citizen. I had learned the idea of bushido. This means that I had to follow a very strict set of rules. My position and social status began to change. I could now ride horses carry swords and even have a last name. Now I had great rights and responsibilities due to my social class. I had an occupied place in high society due to my duties. The only thing is that I was expected to be a fearless, brave, loyal servant to my superiors which are now the samurai lords, considered the daimyo. They are the samurai lords. As of now we are a very small part of the population. Like most of the Japanese population my parents used to be farmers before they had me. I am now treated god like. Whenever…show more content…
I have trained to be a samurai when I was a kid, but it was much different. We are learning how to force an enemy to make the first move. During our training we are also learning how to keep out of the way of an enemy’s sword or weapon. We are learning news way to fight in tight spaces while fighting more than one enemy.
Our leader told us that we must continue to train like this until we can fence without even thinking about it. We are being taught to how to fight when you lose a weapon or if it break during battle. We learned that during the scenario in which this happens that we are suppose to use other weapons like our wooden staffs or meta fans. This is a very helpful tool that I am going to use in battle. We are also being taught how to use weapons without our hands in a form called martial arts. During martial arts we are told that we are suppose to use the enemy’s strength against themselves. We also are learning how to train mentally, spiritually, in writing and in tea. We will mostly do this another day when there is more time to focus on this idea instead of doing the normal physical
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