Samurais And Knights Dbq Analysis

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In the world of samurais and knights, there are similarities and differences. According to the three areas of study, there are more similarities than differences. The documents will show more similarities than differences. The social order in feudal Europe and Japan are very similar in many ways. In Document A, there are two pyramids showing the feudal system. These pyramids are very similar because it shows who is more powerful on top and who is weaker at the bottom. Another example is daimyos and lords are the same and both have people to worship them. The next proof is in Document B which shows that the samurais and knights have to give loyalty to their lords and have to fight for them. There are differences too, which are that in Document…show more content…
In Document C, it shows two paragraphs on their training. The similarities are that they both started training in their childhood and learned how to become a samurai or knight. In Document D, it talks about the armor they wore. Both of the armor protected the person using the armor in battle. There are some differences though. The difference in Document C is that a person is called a samurai at the age of 14 but for a knight, they have to become a squire at age 14 then a knight at age 21. In Document D, the difference is that on the right arm of the armor there is no armor which can make it more easier to draw a bow. While a knight have a full suit of armor covering every part of their body because chainmail is no longer sufficient. They have a code and have death sayings. In Document E, each samurais and knights have their own code called the code of bushido and the code of chivalry. They have to be loyal to their lord too. In Document F they both had their own death sayings. The differences though is that in Document E, samurais have to be loyal just to his lord and as for a knight, they have to be loyal to many people and not just the lord. The difference in Document F is that the samurai death poems is normal while for a knight it talks about that he did something bad, that's why he
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