San Antiano Short Story

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Me and my family decided to go to San Antiano for a weekend. We went during the summer and it was a long ride. While we where there we went to the cavarners.
We where all packing, my mom was in her 's and my dad 's room packing. I was helping and getting ready to leave.
When we where finnally packed we got in the car and left.
It was about an eight hour drive so I played on my phone, ipad,and I thumbed restled woth my brother to past the time.
When we got to the hotel my dad got the key card and everyone went to bed but most of us went to bed a couple hours later from when we got there.
Few days aftre doing diffrent activities my mom and dad where in there hotel room looking for things to do. I walked in and sat with in there room looking.

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