San Diego Puppy Training Research Paper

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San Diego Puppy Training The San Diego dog training, we concur with the fact that puppies have tendency to learn very quickly, hence it is imperative to give them the proper instruction. Many people ask what age the puppy should start being trained. The very right answer is immediately! Every interaction with the puppy should be a training session. Training the puppy when you bring them home for the first time is very critical since their enthusiasm and emotions are very high. When the new puppy is taken away from littermates and their mum, they are very impressionable and vulnerable. This is the requisite time to start explaining the rules and never consider giving the puppy license to get away with anything simply because she is a puppy.…show more content…
Dominance training This model of puppy training requires the trainer to always dominate the puppy in their lives in order for them to act accordingly. Caution is needed in this mode of training since it can lead to the puppy developing undesirable characteristics such as aggression, fear and anxiety. The San Diego dog training programs, our puppy trainers effectively use this tool of training to impart the necessary skills to the puppies. Patience During the puppy training sessions, staying calm, collected and composed is a very effective. Irritation and frustration only serves to contribute towards the dog’s excitability making them harder to calm down. Our trainers take their time to ensure the dog calm down. It is important to note that it is never a wise idea to hit or give harsh reprimands to your puppy since they do not mean to misbehave but they just do what comes naturally to them. Instead, San Diego dog training programs are aimed at demonstrating to the puppy the kind of behavior you would want to see in

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