San Fernando Earthquake

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The story of Vasquez Rock Natural Park located in Agua Dulce, California began in 1874 when Tiburcio Vasquez a Californian bandit used the rocks to escape being capture by law enforcements. Due to the impact that Tiburcio created in the nearby communities the park was name after him. By 1970 the Los Angeles County Government acquired the rights to the park, but it was not until 1972 that the park was added to the National Registry of Historic Places. At the begging of its creation the park was populated by its first habitants the Tataviam Indians until the intrusion of the Spaniards. The Spaniards ruled the park and ruled the Indians until their death. After the ruling of Spaniards, the area underwent other developments such as mining and filming.…show more content…
My overall experience was excellent. During our first stop at a region that was site of the San Fernando Earthquake, we had the opportunity to know the major factor of the San Fernando Earthquake. I learned about the magnitude of the earthquake as well as the type of fault that was associated. On our second stop at the Placertia Canyon, we leaned material about Francisco Lopez discovery of gold in the Placertia Canyon; however, his gold rush only lasted six years. In our third stop at the San Gabriel Mountains Anorthosite, we learned material about the anorthosite intrusive igneous body that cooled 1.2 billion years ago. On the other hand, the Mint Canyon Formation along Aqua Dulce Road consists of sedimentary rock that is mostly sandstone and conglomerate. On this stop we learned about the sediments that formed the rock and their deposition from a river 12 million year ago. Our two last stops covered material on faults and rocks. The Vasquez Rocks were said to be form from the San Andrea Fault, and the Vista Point of the San Andreas Fault also covered material on the
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