San Francisco 1906 Earthquake Report

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Imagine it’s April 18, 1906, just another day at your work in San francisco. Suddenly the grounds turns to water beneath you and you fall on your back. Your used to the occasional earthquake but this earthquake will ruin your entire life. For this was the biggest earthquake in all of San francisco history. SF Tourism Tips says, “The San Francisco 1906 Earthquake was one of the largest and most significant in Northern California. This is typically referred to as the Great San Francisco Earthquake.” The earthquake of 1906 was one of the biggest earthquakes in California history. It was measured at a magnitude of 7.8. That is a big earthquake. In the two eyewitness accounts “Comprehending the Calamity” by Emma Burke, and “Horrific wreck of…show more content…
They were weary, and the girl almost fainting.” On page 1 of part two of Comprehending the Calamity it says, “We were now drawing rations, and suffering for nothing but bread. I had a gift of twenty loaves from out of town. I went through the Park giving it away. I found a very genteel Spanish woman, a former music-teacher, who had only one blanket for cover, one sheet for a screen against the weather, one utensil for cooking, an iron pot, and very few clothes.” In both cases they show how people are suffering and almost dying. In this case the author is telling you about you about the two girls that are suffering from the effects of the earthquake. This shows how this piece of evidence connects to how the two articles both show the main character observes how people are suffering from the earthquake. The other case shows how the author is describing yet another case of people suffering from the earthquake. This shows how the piece of text is relating to how the author is suffering because of the effects of the earthquake. On page 1 of the “Horrific wreck of the City” it says, “I saw those policemen enOn page 2 of the “Horrific wreck of the City” it says, “The cries of those who must have perished reached my ears, and I hope that never again on this side of the grave will I hear such signals of agony.” In both cases…show more content…
Jokes and laughter such as this were common, despite the devastation.” In both pieces of evidence it’s showing Emma Burke helping care for people that are in need in this time of crisis, opposed to in “Horrific wreck of the city where Fred Hewitt is just keeping to himself. This proves that Emma Burke is seeing the better parts of the earthquake and making the best of by helping. This piece of evidence is telling the reader about how despite the tragedy happening around everyone they were still trying to make the best of it by telling jokes, and laughing instead of realizing all the horrible things around them. The supports my contrasting claim that “Comprehending the Calamity” shows the best things in the earthquake because people are making the best of it and telling jokes and meeting people where as in, “Horrific Wreck of the City” shows the worst aspects of the earthquake. On page 1 of “Horrific Wreck of the City” it states, “No story will ever be written that will tell the awfulness of the thirty-hours following the terrible

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