San Francisco And Detroit Comparison Essay

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I have choose two cities, San Francisco and Detroit. those two city seems not having similarity in our society and history of America. But there is one similarity within two cities; if Detroit begins the industrialization in economical history perspective, San Francisco begins new waves in our life and history with software and computer technology. however, in order to identity and analyze them into various ways, chronological process and base on that, events and impact on each city demonstrates how they affect on these two cities internally and externally in economic, politic, and social perspective ways. As Figure1 presents above, the size of city and population grow overall in that specific time range. one of interesting fact in Figure 1. is that Detroit city formed first than San Francisco and slowly enlarged its functionality in the city, but in 1850yr, Government 's propaganda and new social movement such as Gold Rush, California dream and free for all idea influenced on this dramatic number in our data and figure 1 as well. Figure 4. will presents how big the movement was. And…show more content…
but slowly, the growth rate in San Francisco started to decline, while Detroit city started to introduce new technology to market. In 1910, Ford presented the first moving assembly line, which influenced on U.S. economic and Social movement as well. Because of new invention in market, auto mobile company, Ford created jobs, which provided beneficial environment for worker, also centralized population in Detroit for residential service. As furthermore, this money flow and impact brought people into the city. Figure 3. shows significant impact on population; this slope of line presents how fast the city grow with population in between years, not only the size, but functionality as well. However, San Francisco city also grew as well, but not as strong and effective influence as Detroit 's

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