San Francisco Mission Statement

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After I finished reading the mission statement for the University of San Francisco I felt that this would be a good fit since I share a similar vision. A vision where I can use the knowledge that I learn in school and church to give back to my community. In order for them to have a fighting chance to do something great in their lives, and make it out of my neighborhood or even try to change it for the better. I grew up poor in a bad neighborhood of San Francisco where most of my friends turned to drugs. I remember being told by teachers and classmates that I wouldn’t make it out the neighborhood and most likely be another drug dealer on the street. However, my mother taught me to pray and understand the meanings of the prayers and she helped…show more content…
This mission that I share with the University means a lot to me because it 's also something I can bring back to my community. Being a part of USF would help me develop in another way of life where I can become more professional and just a better person overall. I would like to help the world become more successful and live in a community where faith and justice exist. I enjoy been Christian, it shaped me into the man I have grown into. The beliefs, values and family traditions that I have are the foundations of who I am. As I acquired more knowledge through the Jesuit college, I would help others by sharing the knowledge that I learned at school. I don 't just want to help people study but also help children by educating them in the different beliefs that are out there. I strongly believe everyone should have the same opportunity to be educated, because at the end we are all equal. Having a culturally, and racially, diverse student body despite how much money they or their parents make can be rewarding to the University. The reason why it will be rewarding is because the University would be helping develop future leaders, technology that hasn’t been thought of, and helping breach the gap of people who are wealthy and someone who is
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