San Francisco-Personal Narrative

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As the sun breaks, the Bay Area hive awakens; and 265,000 people commute to San Francisco.
My day starts at 7:35 a.m in front of the In and Out Burger in Mill Valley. There, a faded, orange CYO bus picks up a group of sleepy SI students. The tall stairs of the old bus greet me every morning as I climb them to begin my daily expedition into the city. Sometimes, I can smell of the bus driver’s breakfast as I settle into my seat. As we pull away each morning, a cloud of black smoke fills the air and sometimes I can catch a glimpse of a mom looking a little sad in her car as the bus grinds its way towards the freeway.

As we drop down the steep Waldo grade, I usually see a dense layer of good old San Francisco fog hugging the city. Soon, I can see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as its towers reach up towards the sky. Looking down at the freezing ocean can feel the cold air begin to creep in the interior. On some mornings, the bus begins to feel like a freezer on wheels. At this point in my commute, I usually start getting goosebumps and regret not bringing a jacket.
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As we pull up to the familiar steps of the school, the squeal of the brakes pierces my ears, and the bus arrives at 8:05 am. We soon file out of the bus saying our thank yous and goodbyes to our friendly bus driver. My morning journey has ended, and the odyssey called high school is just
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