San Francisco Symphony Hall Concert Report

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I attended the San Francisco Symphony 's Chamber Music Series on Sunday, June 26, at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. To be honest it was a struggle for me and I bounced back and forth between being a casual listener and a perceptive listener. What is it in the music that makes me feel this way? It was a journey getting to the symphony hall that day. Since I had just had foot surgery I had planned to ride BART into the city and then catch an Uber ride to the hall. As I rode BART it became more and more crowded with very colorfully dressed people. Finally, I asked a fellow passenger what was going on and was informed that it was Pride day in the city. Upon arriving at the Civic Center stop I found that it was the ground zero locating for the celebration. Roads were blocked and no Uber ride for me, however, the hour trek of hobbling to the symphony was an experience I will remember for a lifetime. When I finally…show more content…
The first movement, Allegro molto moderato, presents a confident minor-mode theme, the outline of which is directly related to following, themes that were more lyrical. The whole movement suggests an urgency that cleverly turns into the scherzo in the second movement, Allegro molto. This second movement is driven by a continual motion and rhythmic strength, but also echoes keynotes from the first movement. Adagio non troppo, is the third movement and at once is serene and unassertive, its extended lyrical lines in the viola alternate with gliding chords from the piano. In the final movement Allegro molto, the piano performs agile quickness, and the string melodies intertwine with each other, then merge in strong accord. These flashes of simplicity are not expressed as musical outcomes, but rather emerge naturally from the piece 's vivid lines. It delivers its statement through coaxing rather than by the strength of
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