Character Analysis: San Junipero

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San Junipero and The Portrayal of LGBT in Shows San Junipero is an episode of Black Mirror, a Netflix series, about two girls falling in love with each other. However, the plot of it is much more complicated than that. Yorkie and Kelly met in a club during the 80s, Kelly invited her to dance but Yorkie ended up panicking and ran out. Kelly followed her and invited her to sleep with her but she declined. From the first scene alone, Kelly is already as a bisexual having a sexual relationship with another guy in San Junipero even before meeting Yorkie.
A week passed and Yorkie finally went with Kelly and slept with her, Yorkie told Kelly that she never had sex before and Kelly revealed that she was married to a man before,
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While Kelly is shown to be a bisexual who likes to have fun, she had, in fact, a deeper reason for it. She was married to her husband for forty nine years, while she loved him, she wants to enjoy the final few months of her life thus ending up in San Junipero and going to clubs, experiencing life. Yorkie also has that tragic background looming over her. Being from a conservative, religious family and paralyzed, she should have angst the whole way through the episode. However, what is brilliant about her character and the writing in the episode is that her past was only revealed near the end and her dialogues never once directly talked about. Her actions might imply that something happened but she never gave an explicit account. The whole focus of her character is not about her past but rather it is about the acceptance.
Another progressive thing about San Junipero is its plot. Most of the LGBT centred shows are tragic, showing their love usually as a tragedy or something pornographic. An example of this is Blue is the Warmest Color where many people who identify themselves as part of LGBT disapproves of the graphic sex scene. Another is in the show, The 100, where the character died after she met her lover. She took a bullet that was meant for her lover that ends up contributing to her tragic
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