San Michael Monologue

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We were all asleep in bed when I was suddenly woke up but a creaking noise. I sit up and I look, it was Mr. Van Daan getting into the food safe! “Otto! Otto! Come quick!” I yell. I can’t believe he was stealing food from everyone, especially the children. He was selfish and thoughtless. Next I know, Mr. Dussel is going at him and Peter is trying to get Mr. Dussel off of his father. “I’m hungry”, is all he has to say. We’re all hungry, everyone is getting thinner and thinner by the day, the children especially. He’s a terrible father. His wife is even worse, she’s defending him “He needs more food than the rest of us, he’s used to more, he’s a big man.” Please tell me she realizes what she’s doing to her son. She’s defending a man, taking his side, rather than telling him he needs to change when he is clearly in the wrong.…show more content…
But of course, my husband won’t have that, he says he doesn’t even know me because I’m finally speaking my mind. I want him and his terrible wife out of here, I’ll even pay out of my own pocket for them a place to stay. But, Anne doesn’t want Peter gone and Peter doesn’t was to stay if his father goes… Why does Peter care if his sorry excuse of a father goes, he was selfish and stealing food that was supposed to go to Peter. Mr. Dussel is the only one who sees Mr. Van Dann as wrong but he’s always been sort of paranoid so I’m unsure he’d help to much, he’s over there counting out potatoes and Margot 's trying to get him to stop. Everyone, including myself, freeze as the buzzer (indicating Miep is here) goes off. My husband hurries over to the door and she tell him something, she then rushes up the stairs to tell us all. Still in her pajamas, she exclaim with glee “The invasion has begun! The invasion!” Everyone was full of questions and they blurted them

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