San Pedro College Case Study

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San Pedro College is currently experiencing a decline in employee morale and productivity due to lack of funding throughout the institution. As a result, many employees have considered leaving the institution if leadership does not propose strategies to resolve the current issues at hand.
According to this case study, San Pedro College has no funding available to offer a salary increase to faculty and staff. As a result, numerous employees are exploring other avenues of employment. While the institution has identified the issue of the employees, they have failed to “name” the direct cause of this particular problem (Brent & Jurow, p. 53). While the institution’s community understands there is a lack funding, what is more important, is why there is a lack of funding. What programs are using up funding currently available?

This leads to the first proposal – The President and financial committee must observe the current budget and decide which programs are necessary based on participation and how funds are being utilized for that particular program. If certain programs are found not to be necessary, then certain cuts must be made. This may entail to the layoff of faculty or staff, but it would mean an increase in funding and more efficient use of the institution’s resources.
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President Jamison and Iberia should directly oversee the Faculty Distinction Program and the Staff Performance Excellence Program. As noted by (Brent & Jurow) the program has not addressed the issue of salary raises since 2006 and is only directly tied to “academic exercise” (p.51). Therefore, with new funding available due to program cuts, “merit-based salary raises can be implemented. However, a specific amount of raises can only be given each academic year. The specifications regarding such raises must be decided the year prior by the Financial Committee and

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