San Rock Art

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The San rock art scan be found all over Southern Africa and has stylistic features which are similar to ancient European rock art as well as difference because of the different materials used to paint with, where they painted and their styles.
The San art was painted on cave walls and rock shelter with very easy access, normally a short walk or hike to reach the cave or rock shelter. Ancient European rock art can also be found on cave walls and ceilings however the art is not easily accessible and is small, dark tunnels deep inside the cave. The San people would ground up red rocks into dust and mix it with animal fat and Elands blood.
They would also use charcoal for black paint and bird droppings for white paint. The applied their paint to
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These same abstract geometric patterns can be seen in ancient European art work.
The San painted human figures, often half-human, half-animal figures. The San painted these halfhuman, half-animal figures because they believed that when the shaman was in spirit world they would physically become an animal.
The mainly depicted the half human,
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The San also painted hunting scenes with men carrying bows and arrows and rows of human figures as can be seen in the picture below which probably was a painting of the whole community. Their people were generally realistic.Ancient European art in the other hand very rarely painted human figures and when they painted them, they were mainly simplistic and symbolic.
Another thing the San painted was animals. Animals were the most commonly painted figures. They were normally large wild animals such as the Eland,
Antelope, rhinos etc. The animals they painted were not the animals they ate or hunted but rather animals they believe had powers and they associated with their religion. When they painted these animals they
Stencils of geometric painting comparing ectopic so to the North
Western Cape and Magaliesberg
Ancient European rock art in Spain were realistic but usually they were bigger in proportion to the human figures because the San painted in hierarchical proportion.
Ancient European art contained mostly animals as well. The artwork also was painting of larger animals such as Bison, horses and deer which were thought to have magical properties rather than animals
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