Code Of Conduct In Nursing

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Sanctuary Health Handbook Issue 2, June 2015 QF165
Sanctuary Health Handbook Issue 2, June 2015 QF165
03 - Welcome to Sanctuary Health
04 - Code of Conduct
05 - Before you start an assignment
05 - Appraisals
06 - Uniform Policy
06 - When on an assignment
07 - Timesheets and Payment
09 - Patient/Service User Records
09 - Code of Practice when working within a patient/service user’s own home
10 - Handling violence and aggression
10 - COSHH
11 - Risk of Incident reporting
11 - Fire safety
11 - Moving, lifting and Handling
12 - Health and Safety
12 - Complaints reporting, handling and management
13 - Infection Control
13 - Hand washing
14 - MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)
14 - Sharps injury / blood splashing
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You fail to comply with Sanctuary Health Code of Conduct. ii. There are reports of continual poor performance. iii. The Hospital or Trust you are working for deems it necessary on the grounds of competence and / or public interest. iv. You have seriously breached the rules and / or policies of the client you are working for.
v. You continually fail to notify Sanctuary Health that you will not be attending a duty once you have accepted it, or you are continually late without acceptable reason. vi. There is evidence of theft, fraud, dishonesty or corruption. vii. There is evidence of deliberate damage to the property of others. viii. There is evidence of any type of abuse and / or disorderly or indecent conduct. ix. There is evidence of acts of incitement or actual acts of discrimination on the grounds of sex, disability, race, religion or ethnic origin.
x. You allow another person to use your identification badge.
Please note this list is not exhaustive.
Sanctuary Health Handbook Issue 2, June 2015 QF165
Your responsibilities as a Sanctuary Health Locum
Please adhere to the Sanctuary Health code of conduct and where relevant, your regulator’s guide to standards of conduct performance & ethics at all times when working on an assignment for Sanctuary
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Set out your complaint in writing and send this statement to your recruitment consultant at Sanctuary Health. ii. We will invite you to attend a meeting to discuss the issues, provided you have informed us of the basis of the grievance and we have had reasonable opportunity to consider the information you have provided. iii. After the meeting we will inform you of our decision. iv. If you wish to appeal, you must inform Sanctuary Health within 5 working days of receiving the decision. On doing so, we will arrange a further meeting. After the appeal meeting we will inform you of our final decision within 5 working days of the appeal meeting.
Indemnity Insurance
NHS or Crown Indemnity pays for the financial consequences of alleged negligence which occurs in NHS hospitals. Crown indemnity would not apply to give you personal support if you have acted outside the terms of your contract, for example if you are being prosecuted for a criminal offence as when a patient has been killed by gross negligence.
It also does not apply for “Good Samaritan” acts, such as stopping at a roadside accident, defence at regulatory proceedings or inquiries into professional competence, work outside of NHS premises or General

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