Sandel's Argument For The Legalization Of Abortion

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People in the world still have a debate about legalization of abortion considering the ethical aspects. At the same time there are some other new technologies such as cloning and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), that have been developed to receive benefits from the modern medical researches. Using PGD has become a great topic for some researchers, people with abortion and birth questions in several countries around the world. An example would be an article written by Katy Duke that explains about using PGD and saving the life of an older sibling.
Some who are against PGD and other technologies such as cloning claim that reproducing a baby that participates in a major surgery to protect another individual’s life is not ethical as this
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Sandel argues in his article about the ethical perspective of such technologies, it is not the technologies that are unethical as he says, “sex selection and genetic engineering does not involve killing embryos, and many instances of enhancement involve no unfairness or discrimination” (Sandel). Some say that the practice of these technologies is discriminatory. Some cultures or countries as select boys over girls which is unethical, therefore it makes the usage of PGD and other reproductive techniques undesirable for some people. On the other hand there are some societies that may have gender selection for specific and good reasons. For instance, a couple may have one boy and would be wanting a daughter instead for the next pregnancy time. In this case, using such technological methods of gender selection is not unethical and in fact it works for some parents achieving their needs. Even though it might sound unethical to some people, the usage of such technologies is only to help save a life, or to make a dream come true for a family who has always wanted babies but has been unable to produce any.
People around the world should face the reality that the benefits of cloning and PGD technologies play a big role in saving the life of several individuals, it being a disable sibling or a parent desperately in need of a

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