Describe The Relationship Between Sandi And Vivian

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On A&E’s popular television show, Hoarders, I evaluated the people that were starring in the particular episode called Sandi and Vivian. In this episode, Sandi is known around town as Mrs. Clause because of her extreme gift hoarding which is causing her to go bankrupt from buying so many gifts. On the other hand, Vivian is being threatened to loose custody of her grandchildren because of her hoarding addiction. After watching the opening of this television show, it really grasped my attention and made me curious to see why these people were hoarders, even when consequences were at stake. Sandi’s issues are due to her excessive hoarding and buying. Because Sandi is such an extreme hoarder, her and her husband had to rent out a storage locker to put all of Sandi’s extra stuff that was not fitting into her home. With the storage locker rent and Sandi buying Christmas gifts year…show more content…
Vivian seems to contribute her problems to her divorce and the deaths of several loved ones. Although losing her grandsons are at risk, Vivian seems to want to receive help but still has issues with her hoarding. Vivian’s issue of hoarding seemed to be because of her divorce and deaths she had to go through, but a connection between her daughter and her hoarding hit home. After the psychologist stated that she believes her hoarding came from her daughter’s drug tendencies, it immediately clicked to me that the hoarding was all because of her daughter. For Vivian, a psychologist suggested that they start to go through everything in her house with a extreme cleaner specialist. As Vivian gained the courage to allow a cleaning and hoarding crew to come into her house, I was honestly surprised of how willingly she was giving away her items. Vivian ultimately seemed like she wanted to make a
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