Sandolios Dancing Research Paper

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An important culture dance for the Sandolios is called the Dancing Wolf. It is an art and another way to keep the spirits alive of the people and to embrace the power and beauty of the wolf. The dance is performed in human form and people dress up in colorful clothing and brown headdresses. Two Beta’s begin at in the morning building a fire for the ceremony. This fire is sacred to the celebration of the wolf. The women prepare food for the special day consisting of both traditional and modern food. Later in the afternoon, sermons are given in the Spanish language. These sermons teach everyone to have love for all their brothers and sisters in the Sandolio Tribe because when you are a nice person and help others, people will help you when you need it. There are games played throughout the day to get energy and be ready for the ceremony.
The Alpha, Omegas and elders gather together to discuss different issues within the tribe then announcing when it is time for the first dance of the night.
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There are five pendants thrown into the fire at the same time; each representing each status of the Sandolios which are Alpha, Beta, Warrior, Hunter, and Omega. The burning of the pendants together brings the tribe unity and strength to all. It is showing Anthenesic that all is well and they are still together as one. Anthenesic proves her presence to the Sandolios by putting out the great fire in the end with colorful wind.
The Sandolio Tribe are people of greatness and want the best for each other. They always stick up for one another in every status and fight out the enemies whenever possible. The people live for many years. The elders can live up to 150 years. The Sandolio people go on for many centuries, new members are born every year, but many pass away to a better life as well. The legacy and greatness of the tribe will forever live
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