Sandra Beasley's Don T Kill The Birthday Girl

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Don’t Kill the Birthday Girl is a non-fiction book written by Sandra Beasley, an American poet and non-fiction author. Beasley is most known for her poems, her poetry has been anthologized in the Best American poetry in 2010, Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, and Best New Poets 2005. Her work has also been included in many journals such as the Wall Street Journal, The Believer, and Black Warrior Review just to name a few. In 2009, Beasley won the Barnard Women Poets prize, and in 2010 she won the Summer Poet in residence fellowship at the University of Mississippi. These two awards are just a couple of the many awards and accomplishments Beasley has received. Beasley wrote this amusing memoir to tell her story about her food allergies has affected her throughout her life. Imagine having a birthday every year without a birthday cake, or having a birthday cake without dairy products or even eggs. This is something Sandra Beasley endured every year she celebrated her…show more content…
This book was very informative. I learned that women could be allergic to semen which is extremely interesting. Sandra Beasley incorporated amusing ways to tell her stories. This allows her to keep the reader attentive throughout the book. I am very interested in learning even more about the dangers of food allergies. I don’t have food allergies so, this book was very enlightening. Food allergies are extremely dangerous, and not many people think about them in this manner. Sandra explained that she had to worry about what she consumed, what she bathed in, where she traveled, and even her significant other. Sandra Beasley writes, “I had the chance to introduce myself as someone other than the girl with allergies.” (pg.226) I loved this quote at the end of the book because it shows that she overcame all the obstacles that came with her having food allergies. Always remember, don’t kill the birthday
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