Sandra Bland Suicide Essay

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The suicide of Sandra Bland, shook her family and the people that knew her best. The taking of her own life simply did not make any sense. In the past Bland had went through some rough patches, but she had so many things going for herself at that point in her life. She had moved to a new city found a new job and rekindled her relationship with her mother. Suicide was not in the cards for Sandra. Her death led those that knew her well to think it was staged and something must have happened to her in the jail but it was covered up. This case caused a public out roar on social media and on various news sites. The arresting officer in the Bland case has since been fired for how he handled her case. Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw, said the officers actions during the traffic stop did not comply with the standards of the department. He was fired for three reasons, the first being the failure to remain courteous and tactful in the performance of his duties. The second being that he prolonged the traffic stop beyond the time necessary to complete the tasks and…show more content…
“Over the last 500 years people of different race, especially African Americans, have encountered a pattern of state sanctioned violence and civil and human rights abuse. To enforce capitalist exploitation and racial oppression the government and its police, courts, prisons, and military have beaten, framed, murdered and executed private persons, and brutally repressed struggles for freedom, justice, and self-determination. (Sundiata,1)”. Because of this African Americans began to fight back against the beating of their race with riots. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s and more recently the Black Life Matters movement have placed emphasis on shedding light on how people are being treated and what can be done to get rectify everything that is wrong with how our government and police
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