Sandra Cheskey In Gitchie Girl

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Gitchie Girl, is about the protagonist, Sandra Cheskey, who goes out with some of her friends on a camp out in Gitchie Manitou park and three men try to murder them because they had marijuana, but Sandra was released. Sandra Cheskey is the main protagonist. The other protagonists are Roger Essem, Stewart Baade, Mike Hadrath, Dana Baade. The main antagonist is Allen E. Fryer. The other antagonists are “The Boss” David L. Fryer “Hatchet Face” and James R. Fryer “J.R.”.
Sandra Cheskey who had been 13 at the time of the murder, had been released from the murders. She had been taken and raped and let go. She often got confused for an older teenager. She has silky brown hair with chestnut colored eyes. She is the youngest of four in her family.
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