Sandra Cisneros Analysis

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My response essay will come from the essay who a girl was involved called Sandra Cisneros, the daughter of a Mexico-American mother and a Mexico father. A daughter whose father didn’t believe in whatever she did. No matter how Sandra tried her best to impress her father, Sandra’s father didn’t believe her because of the tradition that lasted for years that, girls can’t do stuff that will catch an eye from the society. Anna was not allowed to play with her brothers in public, and also, not only she wasn’t allowed to go to school, but also, she wasn’t allowed to expand her talent of drawing. It’s the same with my relatives from my mother’s side. My uncle who has four boys and one daughter whose name is Anna Mshana. Anna struggled a lot to prove…show more content…
Anna’s father was so strict that Anna couldn’t even go to school in whatever the situation was. Not like Sandra who could go to school and take English classes because her father didn’t care, but in Anna’s situation, her father didn’t want to hear any advice about Anna getting an education. Two months passed and God answered Anna’s prayers. It was a miracle on how one day her father woke up and told Anna that she must be ready in two days so she may go to school, and register for classes. Anna rushed to her room and thanked God for sending such a great miracle. In conclusion, not only Anna went to school for 2 years, but also, she got a certificate, and she is now teaching students of Mkwakwani secondary school art classes’ especially drawing for about 4 years now. We all know that Anna’s father didn’t allow her to go to school, allowing her to do what she is best at, and playing with her brothers in public, because they would feel embarrassed. What if Anna didn’t live with her father? She would have done all the things she wanted to do and no one would have stopped
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