Sandra Cisneros Eleven

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Have you ever had a bad day where you're teacher forced you to do something you didn't want to do, in school, in front of everyone? In this short story, “Eleven” written by Sandra Cisneros, Since Rachel doesn't care about birthdays, she is feeling different types of emotions and each different line in the short story, which are crestfallen,angry, and bashful. Rachel is crestfallen when her day was being ruined. As the plot unfolds she talks back the Mrs.Price showing she is angry. Lastly, she bashful, when she is shy to answer Mrs.Price question.or things who are sad or discouraged from someone saying mean things. Angry is a very common word, in which it's caused by, or characterized by anger;wrathful. Bashful, is a word which describes Rachels…show more content…
During class Rachel's Teacher, Mrs.Price holds up an old raggedy red disgusting sweater and asks the class who's it belongs to. Sylivia Saldivar accuses Rachel of being the owner of the sweater. Rachel is to shy to speak for herself. Instead, she says, “Of course it yours. I remember you wearing it once.” Rachel just goes along with the teacher says without standing up or herself. Now Rachel feels even worse than before because Mrs.Price puts the sweater on her desk for all the students to see. This illustrates how her day got worse when she was crestfallen and prevents her from kstand ping up for herself and as a outcome she suffers from embarrassment, and negative consequences. As Rachel bashfulness gives rise to an embarrassing and mortification situation, enventate at the end of the story. In her internal dialogue she enounces, “Today I'm eleven. There's cake Mama’s making for tonight, and when papa comes home from work we'll eat it. They will sing Hapoy Birthday, happy birthday to you Rachel, only it's to late.” For Rachel her day has been crippled at school and wishes this day could be long gone. This internal dialogue illustrates how much Rachel is
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