Sandra Cisneros

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In the book The House on Mango Street Sandra Cisneros is raising awareness of the racism and domestic abuse in society. In the text Esperanza is entering womanhood, a time of self-discovery and maturity in her life. Growing up in a poor community, she throughout the book expresses how she feels when she is discriminated because of her race. She also comments on other characters being victims of domestic abuse. A way Sandra Cisneros is raising awareness of racism in society is by dismissing the stereotypes they are addressed. In our society Latinos are portrayed as criminal like, and violent. Although in the book, Esperanza addresses how the Latinos in her community truly are the author is raising awareness of racism, “ those who don’t know…show more content…
However, Esperanza figures that her father is beating her. Sally is sugarcoating her beatings, by saying he does not hit her hard, and my mother has it worse. Sally and her mother are not standing up to this abuse; because they are treated like animals therefore they do not have a voice in what happens to them. This quote raises awareness of domestic abuse because it illustrates it can happen to anyone, and not everyone stands up. It also is telling the public if they are victims, they should stand up. Moreover, Sandra Cisneros is raising awareness of the hidden domestic abuse in families, and urging victims to stand up. Sandra Cisneros is raising awareness of domestic abuse and racism in society at large. By composing the characters in her text as victims, she is providing a realization of these issues still being current, and she is opening a door for these issues to be addressed. Students are assigned this book in schools and colleges because they need to be taught about the problems in society, so they can prevent
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