Sandra Cisneros 'The House On Mango Street'

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The House on Mango Street Test

Short Answer Questions: Answer each of these questions with a full paragraph response (unless otherwise noted).

1. While The House on Mango Street is primarily a novel about one individual, Esperanza, it is also a novel about society. Identify a way in which Cisneros' book addresses a specific societal problem. Use evidence from at least one vignette to describe a social commentary that is made about a particular problem? Sandra Cisneros brings up many social problems such as poverty, Domestic violence, sexual assault and racism. Sexual assault is social problem, because it is a form of assault and it is still a problem that both Men and Women face today. Also, sally told Esperanza that Sally’s dad was going crazy and forgot he was Sally’s father between the buckle and the belt. This Vignette is physical abuse, which is the act of a Family member abusing another family member severely. 1. Esperanza’s name means hope? How is this theme developed in any other character (or characters) other than Esperanza? I feel that Alicia and Marin are both hopeful and are also hoping for the best. Alicia is hopeful to graduate from the
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What is a vignette and how does Sandra Cisneros use this style of writing to tell the story of Esperanza and the neighborhood of Mango Street? A vignette is a short story how Sandra Cisneros’s uses the style. She decides to write little stories that she remembers from when she was younger and she describes her neighborhood as she lived in an apartment and she mentions that she always wanted to live in a house from the vignette “Bums in the Attic” “I want a house on a hill like the one’s with the gardens”. In that vignette she also mentions how she and her grandfather would go look at houses “We go on Sunday’s, Papas day off. I used to go not anymore.”. She says in the book that she doesn’t have many friends from where she lives but she does have a little bit of friends some are
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