Sandra Cisneros Vignette Louie, His Cousin And His Other Feet (1991)

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In Sandra Cisneros vignette Louie, His Cousin & His Other Cousin (1991), Sandra Cisneros is trying to express the fact that sometimes criminals do not have bad intentions when they commit crimes. Sandra supports her view by describing Louie’s cousin with details that are not normally characteristics of an actual thief. Sandra’s purpose is to challenge the assumptions that people have for criminals. People who would benefit from this story are those who continue to make assumptions about others when they do not know much about them. Sandra focuses on the dreams that are not achieved by those who live in an unfortunate society. Sandra’s tone is innocent, responsible, and human, which is meant to reach the intended audience. I had a good understanding of the text due to Sandra’s deep visuals of the situation, for instance, “We were playing volleyball in the alley when he drove up in this great big yellow Cadillac with white walls and a yellow scarf tied around the mirror.” When Sandra added this visual, it helped me think of a cause and effect of stealing a car. This quote also shows Louie's cousin attitude slowly giving up on his dream of owning an attractive car; and that the only way he will get close to his dream is by stealing other people's’ dreams. The reader can possible gain the knowledge of not…show more content…
Sandra supports her claim by describing the motives of the younger girls, then describing the motives of the men the girls are attracting. Sandra’s purpose is to show the importance of younger girls keeping their sexuality hidden at a young age, so that they’re are protected from the mentality of men. Sandra targets younger women that do not know that certain things can attract the wrong audience, and to the adults who freely lead them
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