Sandra Cisneros Woman Hollering Creek

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In the short story, “Woman Hollering Creek”, Sandra Cisneros employs a traumatic setting to communicate how most women in the Hispanic culture are being treated and the machismo that is seen in the United States. To start with, Cisneros makes the setting traumatic to make the character come to life and live the experiences of the typical Hispanic woman in the U.S. She illustrates this and details the events of how the couple got together and formed a life. In chronograph order, Sandra leads up to climax, the fights and decisions, Cleofinas (The Character) has to make a plan in order to find a solution to get out of an intense marriage. Cisneros quotes, "demands each course of dinner be served on a separate plate like at his mother's, as soon as he gets home, on time or late, and who doesn't care at all for music or telenolevas or romance or roses or the moon floating pearly over the arroyo, or through the bedroom window for…show more content…
She does not have a car to drive. Cisneros describes how the setting is traumatic in the quote, “Nothing one could walk to, at any rate. Because the towns here are built so that you have to depend on husbands. Or you stay home. Or you drive. If you're rich enough to own, allowed to drive, your own car.” This explains why the setting is traumatic since she cannot enjoy her alone time with peace and the town is that small that you cannot do much forcing her to stay home. She also describes the setting to be traumatic since she says that you do not have any control of what you can do as a woman. She then also backs up her claim in this different quote, “Don't go out thereafter dark, mi'jita. Stay near the house. No es bueno para Ia salud. Mala suerte. Bad luck. Mal Aire. You'll get sick and the baby too.” This shows how traumatic the scenery gets since La Llorona (Sweeping Woman) in that town. She implies this to show how gloomy the town
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