Sandra Day O Connor Research Paper

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Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman to be a Supreme Court justice. As a conservative Republican, she expanded her efforts of justice toward equality for all Americans in not only her work, but also in her life outside of her job. Her trustworthiness is portrayed in both her personal life and her career life, as a world-renowned justice and a mother of three children. With over one quarter of a century of service to the United States of America’s justice system, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor will forever be remembered as an independent and influential lady that inspired many young women after her to achieve greatness. From an early age, Sandra Day learned the meaning of hard work. Born on March 26th, 1930 in El Paso, Texas, Sandra Day lived on a cattle ranch with her large family. Her grandparents Henry Day and Alice Edith Hilton married and settled on the cattle ranch, known as “Lazy B,” in the New Mexico…show more content…
Despite this, learning was important to Sandra and the rest of the Days. By the age of four, she had learned how to read. Valuing the importance of an education, her parents decided to send Sandra to El Paso to live with her grandmother and attend the private Radford School for Girls. However, Sandra wanted to go to school with the locals, instead of private school. After endlessly pleading her parents, they finally succumbed. Sandra spent eighth grade in the public school of Lordsburg, New Mexico, one state but only a handful of miles over. The lengths Sandra took to attend the public school were tremendous: one of her parents drove her a couple of miles down the road to the bus stop; the bus ride was over one hour, and Sandra would not be home until after dusk. At the conclusion of the year, her parents were frustrated with the extensive measures they were taking for a public school. Sandra transfered back to Radford School for Girls then went on to study at Austin High
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