Sandra Kay Templeton In Big Fish

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Courageous, stunning, a great mother, and humble are the best words to describe Sandra Kay Templeton in the book Big Fish, by Daniel Wallace. Sandra in the book is Edward Bloom, the main character's wife. Even though she is not present in the book a great deal she is a crucial character in the development of the stories.

The primary reason why Sandra Kay Templeton is essential to the book is because, she is Edward Blooms wife, and William's mother. One of her greatest characteristic is being a marvelous mother. Edward was almost never there in William's childhood. As it says on page 19, “I haven't really been around here so much, you know. At home. Not as much as we all would have liked. Look at you, you're a grown man and I-I completely missed
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On page 107 it says, “My mother looks at me, it is that look of final resignation I see in her eyes, that look that says she is ready for whatever awaits her beyond the door however sad or horrible.” That takes a lot of spirit to have a brave face in times of despair and be ready for anything and everything. Even though Edward left her for weeks at a time for buisness, and Sandra had to act like a single mom for William, she still loved him. She has the power to look over all of his flaws and imperfections and act like everything was normal when he was there.

Nobody ever looks further than skin deep when seeing someone for the first time. That is the main reason why Edward and Sandra got married. He thought she was a stunning girl and had to get to know her through all the challenges. As said in the book, “Sandra didn't intend to be as beautiful as she was. It wasn't her desire to be loved by so many men-one would do fine” (page 77). Even thought she could have been snobby about her looks, and no one would have blamed her if she was. She was very humble about it. It takes a big person to be able to get all those guys and not be bragging about
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