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RE: Sandra Mosquera Davidson’s life story In this memo, I write about a part of my life story to give you an idea of my background, my experiences, and my writing style. I will briefly describe my country of origin, my life before I moved to the USA, my reasons for moving to the USA, my life after I moved to the USA and my plans for the future. My country of origin I was born and raised in Colombia, the land of the good coffee, the finest emeralds, and Valentine Day’s flowers. To be more exact, I am from the Pacific region of the country. I was raised in a small city called Quibdó, the Capital of the Chocó. The Chocó is a tropical rainforest known for its unmatched natural resources and its extreme poverty. The majority of the Chocó’s population is of African descent, we are known as…show more content…
The world economy was already showing sign of problems. My family had expended more money than they should on my trip to England, and the English I learned was useless in Colombia. At that point, the remaining two years of law school were starting to look like a waste of time. Besides, I didn’t feel comfortable in my university. On my first day of class, one of my classmates made a racist joke and I never got over it. Also, I believed that I was too much of a feminist to live happily in a chauvinistic society, like Colombia’s. In 2007, I went to visit my step brother in Florida. I also took the opportunity to reconnect with Greg, a guy I dated in England. On the trip, it became clear to me that my future was in the USA. I planned to attend a Community College and work “under the table” until my GPA was good enough to apply for scholarships. Once I returned to Colombia, I convinced my family that studying in the USA was the best for my future. My life after I moved to the

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