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What money Rourke was earning was being spent on his career. He began to take private lessons with acting coach Sandra Seacat, a forward thinker with spiritual and holistic approach. She would teach him how to develop a character in the context of a piece, how to employ psychology and dream life to find the truth in a role, and would score him roles in off Broadway productions, though Rourke world usually argue with director and sacked before the play opened. Sandra Seacat, had close connection with the Actors studio. Gradually she built him up for a shot at the Actors Studio. Yet even when she felt he was ready for an audition…show more content…
Having examined his emotions in the face of his father, Rourke played Brick brilliantly and was taken on at the Actors Studio. De Niro, Pacino, Keitel and Walken were all enjoying success on film and onstage, but still returned to the studio to keep sharp. Rourke would see them all in action, and even become friends with Walken Throughout the 1980s, Rourke starred in a number of small budget films. His most notable role came in 1982 with the cult hit Diner, directed by Barry Levinson. Francis Ford Coppola’s Rumble Fish (1983) saw Rourke take a role as Matt Dillon’s elder brother. He was subsequently praised for the energy he portrayed in the charevter, standing out from other big names in the film, including - Dennis Hopper and Nicolas Cage. In 1984, The Pope of Greenwich Village earned him even greater critical acclaim despite the film panning at the box office. Praised by the likes of Johnny Depp as “perfect cinema”, Rourke named it as his favorite film of all he’s made. Both he and actress Dary Hannah note it as highlights of their
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