Sandro Botticelli's The Birth Of Venus

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As a person who loves art, drawing, painting, and designing, knowledge about artistic is very important. First, if you want to understand modern art, you have to look at its past. Some of the artists from ancient period had left a lot of valuable and marvelous artworks behind, which can cost to millions of dollars. They became the famous of the past and the future, either. They became the one who will never be forgotten.
Was born like everyone else, March 1,Florence , Italy 1445, a lot of babies were born and have their own way to grow up, some people growing up to become a farmer,otherwise is just a normal baker, however, he was choosing to become an artist. A son of tanner, Sandro Botticelli, was walking on his path of artistic world, entered Florence studio, and became one of the most famous artist in the world. Every artist have their own style, therefore, Botticelli had chosen Neo-Platonism to become his style of art, which is a great combination of ancient period.

Today, Botticelli known as the father of The Birth of Venus. The Birth of Venus, which is an ancient Roman legend story about Venus, the goddess of fertility,
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He died in January 14, 1867. Borned in Montauban, France but then moved to Rome later on. He became famous by his society portraits and female nudes. When he gone, he left behind a lot of his artworks, which considered to be the fortune of Neoclassicism style . Grande Odalisque is one of the painting he left behind when he was passed. With me,the special about this painting is it not a portrait of a queen, nor any special women. It is a nude portrait painting of an odalisque, which meant “harem women”. The odalisque in this painting is holding a peacock feather fan, wearing a turban on her head and a bangles. Jean The Spring, a nude drawing of a 13 years old girl pouring the water down to the river and Madame Moitessier is also a marvelous painting that he had
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