Sandwich Generation Gap Analysis

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(1A) One of the factors that lead to women being treated differently in the job market of the United States is the fact that there are gaps in employment that women often take that do not as largely affect men. Since women often live longer lives than men that are faced with the challenges of taking care of dying spouses and even taking care of their older parents. This dilemma was discussed in the “Sandwich Generation” video from a previous assignment, where there was an unemployed mother that was taking care of her young son and very old and sick parent while her husband was at work trying to make ends meet. Women also often times are faced with the challenge of taking care of infant children post-partum resulting in time off of work. (1B) This factor is linked to old-age and poverty because like it was discussed in the article “Since Social Security benefits are based on a worker 's top 35 years of earnings, time out of the workforce can result in a smaller benefit throughout retirement.” (***) This means that in old age women are more likely to be faced with the problem of non-sufficient funds and having a hard time finding work. *****add textbook** (1C) One way to help solve this specific problem is to provide “caregiver credits” that will be aimed towards Social Security. This…show more content…
Since it is a federal law to attend elementary through high school there are less people in the US that are illiterate but there are still a multitude of people (women) not going to college and ending up not being able to support themselves. The fact the men make compared to women 77 cents more per hour also does not help. There needs to be a change in the polarization of the job force and people of all genders, races, classes, etc. need to be treated with
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