Sandy Hook Massacre

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The 26 Lives that Changed America On December 14th, 2012 the United States of America broadcasted the third deadliest massacre by one man alone of 26 lives. (Wikipedia) Bullets rang through the halls of Sandy Hook Elementary School that morning, murdering 20 children and 6 adults. Each child had a name, a family, and a future they never got to fulfil. During the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, parents were terrified of the possibility their kid could be next. The nation in return rose to action and changed to insure safety across America. The Sandy Hook Massacre affected the US tremendously, creating awareness, more school security, and a new effective lockdown procedure at schools. Nearly immediately after news broke out of the shooting, people asked how a man who was so sick in the head could get a hold of so powerful of a rifle. The nation however had no answer. Gun laws had been in question before, but now after the funerals of 20 children the United States had to change. The president appointed a task force and came up with many possible bills to pass. However, gun control is a touchy subject. The second amendment states that all men…show more content…
Now as a country we face a near epidemic of mass public shootings at a place that is supposed to be safe for children. After Sandy Hook, the issue became more urgent and the country took charge. New policies, security rises, and lockdown procedures are what saves kids now nearly 4 years since the Sandy Hook mass shooting. In the wake of a tragedy, the country rose to make everyday a safer one. Debates about gun control are still being argued in the White House, and once a changed is made perhaps the numbers of those lost due to gun violence will go down including those lives of children. For the parents who lost the lights in their lives, or the widows who lost their beloved partner, the nation only wishes we had these resources 4 years
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