Was The Sandy Hook Massacre Really Be Left To Blame?

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On December 14, 2012 a 20 year old 120 pound autistic kid with assburgers syndrome strolled into Sandy Hook elementary school strapped and loaded with over forty pounds of weaponry and murdered 26 people in less than eleven minutes and killed a ratio of 26:1 at a 96 murder percentage rate, only injuring one unknown person by a rickshaw bullet in the foot. Thus making this uncoordinated, barley able to tie his own shoe, autistic, scrawny Adam Lanza the deadliest mass shooter of all time. Some conspersists have a hard time believing all this, I happen to be one of those conscpetist. Looking at this picture posted by the social security death index (SSDI) shows that Adam Lanza died on December 13, 2012, but as I mentioned before the Sandy Hook massacre did not happen until the 14th. Also take a close look at what I believe to be the most important thing, at the bottom of the picture it shows its confirmation, and this was proven to be right. But if that is the case that Adam Lanza did indeed die a day before the Sandy Hook shooting who could possibly be left to blame? Was this just an accidental date error that we keep…show more content…
None of the 26 people killed or even of Adam himself. No photographic evidence has been released or video surveillance, none of the children had open casket funerals, recordings of the 911 calls have not even been released. There is not even poof that he broke this window to gain entrance into Sandy Hook. The parents of the children were not even allowed to see their children but rather they were shown a picture for them to identify them, no parent of a murdered elementary student would be okay with not seeing their child. Yet all these parents were just fine with it. How can we be so blind to believe something where we are simply given a few pictures with gun holes in the walls and we go ahead and believe that 27 people were killed? And the most ironic part of it all, Sandy Hook was
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